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When the idea to ride from Vladivostok to London was first floated, none of us gave it much thought. It was a crisp May evening, and we were doing what guys do: dreaming of adventure over a couple of quiet beers. Motorbiking halfway around the world was only one of a dozen or so adventures that were tossed around that evening, most of which were dismissed long before they could blossom into fruition.

This idea was different. It haunted us, teased us, dared to inspire us. As autumn turned to winter, the monotony of 8-6, white collars, bus routes, umbrellas and stale coffees spurred the idea, birthing a concrete plan. We'd see out our jobs for a couple of years, then tackle the adventure of a lifetime. Never mind that we couldn't ride motorbikes, that we couldn't speak Russian, and that we knew as much about, say, Azerbaijan as we do about molecular biology...

That was 2008. The trip was a distant spot on the horizon, a hazy blur that gave us warm feelings when we thought about it, but was too far away to affect our lives...

We plan to leave Vladivostok, Russia on 1 May 2010. Not so far away, and getting closer every day spent sitting at a desk pouring over contracts or whatever else our day jobs involve. The last few months have been a blur: researching, planning, making contacts, learning Russian... to be honest, we even had to learn how to ride motorbikes!

Despite the amount of work involved in a project of this size, we're right on track to hit the ground running next year.

Check out our planning and preparation here, and have a look at where we're heading here.

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