Our two campaigns:
Cash for Kay's Food and Fuel

Keen to get on board? Well, the best way you can help us out is by giving a donation to Living Hope. You can do this by sponsoring kilometres of our trip. You can also donate directly to our food and fuel fund to help us get from Vladivostok to London! This page gives you the D-low on each of these options.

Cash for Kay's

Cash for Kays - Helping Living Hope build a 24 hour shelter for the street children of Vladivostok

With your support, we hope to sell every kilometre of our trip for NZ$1. That means our target is a total of $25,000 - an amount that will make a big difference in the lives of the most vulnerable children of Vladivostok. Click on the donate link to see the amount raised so far on our live Running Total board.

Living Hope plans to complete a 24 hour shelter where street children can seek refuge from the harsh world of the streets - but they need help to do this. We aim to raise enough money for Living Hope to build a dormitory that will house 20 children every night. That's 20 children that will sleep in a safe, warm, clean environment instead of shivering in doorways or curling up in sewers. That's 20 children who will be given some dignity instead of being forced to live in inhumane squalor.

The level of poverty that is reality for many people in our world is just staggering. The street kids in Vladivostok are no different: unloved, unfed and forced to live in miserable conditions on the streets, these kids inhabit a world we can hardly imagine. We're blown away by Rachel Hughes' commitment to loving these kids and offering them a hope and a future.

Our payment gateway is managed by Fundraise Online, which allows you to donate using your credit card with confidence. 100% of the money raised will go to Living Hope for the 24 hour shelter.


Food and Fuel

Food and fuel fund - Helping the 51st Traverse get from Vladivostok to London

Of course, to make the trip happen, each of us five have incurred substantial personal expenses. We're forking out for everything from visas and vaccinations to food and freight. Sometimes the sheer cost of a trip on this scale feels overwhelming - but we are committed to making it happen.

We have been staggered by the offers of help, advice and sponsorship that we have received so far. Every little bit of assistance makes it easier for us to get halfway around the world. We'd love to have you on board to make the Traverse a reality.

If you'd like to help us with the cost of the trip we'd love you to visit our dedicated and secure payment gateway. Click on the link to see the amount we have raised so far, make a donation, and leave us a message of support.

Here are some ways you can help the 51st Traverse crew get from Vladivostok to London:

One Hot Meal
One tank of Gas
One night in a hotel
One vaccination
One visa
One set of new tyres
A flight to Vladivostok

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