Meet the Crew

Rob C, 25

hometown: Kerikeri
interests: running, tramping, reading and planning the next adventure.
employment: Buddle Findlay, Lawyers
education: Social Sciences at Waikato University (LLB (Hons), B.Soc.Sc).

Rob's taste for adventure was sparked when he visited China with his family. Studying law in Copenhagen, Denmark provided the perfect base for Rob to travel as far as a cheap RyanAir flight and Eurail pass would take him including Latvia and Lithuania, and as far as Sarajevo, Bosnia. For some reason Rob seeks to get just a little bit lost in his adventures, which has seen him getting on a bus at dusk in frozen Latvia not sure which direction it is going, or being woken up by Bosnian border guards on an overnight train. Being a New Zealand boy trying to explain a Danish study visa to armed Bosnian soldiers seems to fit the bill every time. Rob can't wait to hit the remote trails again and enjoys the planning process of laying out a world map and poking at it with a stick in the company of good mates.
Rob Climo

Rob Gray

Rob G, 24

hometown: Pukekohe
interests: rock climbing, running, social sports, sailing, music, writing and reading, people and travelling
employment: Russell McVeagh
education: University of Waikato (LLB (Hons), B.Soc.Sci)

Rob has loved adventure since he was barely out of nappies. He progressed from tree-climbing and roaming the local area as a kid to hitchhiking around New Zealand (twice) in his first year of University. Other University highlights included building a raft out of old beds and floating with a mate from Hamilton to Port Waikato - a journey of three days and three nights - in the middle of winter. Taking the opportunity to study overseas at the University of Copenhagen in 2007, Rob used the time to travel to a variety of places including Siberia, Mongolia, Kosovo and the highlands of Scotland. He can't wait to get on the road again, and is looking forward to exploring countries that are rarely travelled and gaining insights into local life away from the bustle of tourists.

Mike Jacobson

Mike, 25

hometown: Pukekohe
interests: rock climbing, people and photography
employment: Business Mechanix
education: University of Waikato BMS (Marketing and Strategic Management)

Mike's interest in travelling was sparked by a month-long road trip from Sydney to Cape Tribulation with Rob G that involved a ridiculous amount of driving, incidents with bats, kangaroos and bird-eating spiders, and midnight swimming antics with beautiful Swedish girls. His last job enabled him to travel to Hong Kong and Germany, and last year he spent some time on a remote Vanuatuan island, where he enjoyed the occasional kava and even managed to get himself invited to a local wedding.

Misha, 25

hometown: Pukekohe
interests:i'm a passionate rugby man, having played the game since I was six. Social sports include ultimate frisbee, cricket, indoor netball and touch rugby.
employment:Southern Cross Campus, Physical Education Department
education:Auckland University of Technology (BSR) (Sport Science, Sport Management), Graduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching

Growing up on Whenuapai Air Force Base, Misha spent countless hours exploring and causing mischief, while also progressing through Keas, Cubs and Scouts. His sporting career has opened up a few opportunities to travel, but he's dead-set on doing an OE the way it should be done - in epic proportions!
Misha Kravcenko

Tom Anselmi

Tom, 24

hometown: Tauranga
interests: surfing, snowboarding, camping, waterskiing and wakeboarding
employment: Eurocopter International Pacific
education: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Tom was born with the travel bug. His parents both travelled the world extensively, and he grew up hearing about everything from hunting in the Canadian Rockies to camping in the old Combie van on the beaches of Morocco. Some of Tom's most memorable moments have been overseas: biking around Lake Garda in Italy; spending half a season snowboarding in the Austrian Alps; and surfing in south west Australia. His hunger for adventure has grown by the day, fuelled by stories and photos from an endless string of friends heading overseas.

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