The 51st Traverse 5 Blokes, 5 Bikes, 18 Countries, 25,000 Kilometers. One Epic Adventure


The 51st Traverse Blogs

We will be keeping detailed diaries throughout our epic adventure. Why not keep in touch with us and find out how the trip is going... You can click on the links below to go to each of our blog pages.

Rob Gray - click here

Rob Climo - click here

Michael Jacobson - click here

Tom Anselmi - click here

Misha Kravcenko - click here

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The 51st Traverse Blogs

The 51st Traverse is a global adventure.

Five blokes armed with five bikes, a video camera and a thirst for adventure will ride motorbikes from the eastern side of Russia, more than halfway across the globe to destination London. The boys are setting out to prove that having very few riding skills and absolutely no language skills is no match for Kiwi determination to get from A to B. The boys have listened to all of the well-meaning advice: the extreme cold in Siberia, the scorpions in the desert of Kazakhstan, the snow leopards of Kyrgyzstan, and lots more. Despite that, they'll still have their butts on their bikes riding out of Vladivostok in just a few months. They aim to overcome the challenges of a 25,000km adventure across the globe and roll into London in one piece-battered, bruised and sore maybe, but triumphant after one hell of a ride. The 51st Traverse promises to be the adventure of a lifetime for the boys, an entertaining journey for followers of the Traverse, and life-changing for the street kids of Vladivostok. The 51st Traverse has aligned with the Living Hope charity to raise money for the amazing work of this grass-roots organisation. Thanks to a video camera and hours of tape that will be rolling, you will be able to watch the adventure unfold. You will be there for the highs and the lows, the blisters and the tantrums, as well as the musings on life and the state of the world. (And, let's be honest, the complaining, the falling-off and the getting lost.) Have a look through our website. Meet the boys, check out our profiles, and find out about the trusty bikes that will take us across the world. You can follow the planning, the disasters and the successes as we tackle the biggest project that any of us has ever attempted.

Five blokes, five bikes, 18 countries, 25,000 kilometres. One epic adventure.

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